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Aspergillus Versicolor Treatment

The fungus was first described by Jean-Paul Vuillemin in 1903 under the name Sterigmatocystis versicolor , and was later moved to the genus Aspergillus by Carlo Tiraboschi in 1908. Presently, the genus Sterigmatocystis is obsolete. [1]To determine the extent of azole resistance , CDC is requesting Aspergillus fumigatus isolates. For more information, visit the Isolate submission opportunity: Monitoring for Azole Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus page .Onychomycoses caused by opportunistic moulds are not well understood, and many are due to Scopulariopsis brevicaulis and other species. Aspergillus versicolor is not documented as an etiological agent in most studies. We have found an increasing prevalence of this species which is involved in 5.8% of all fungal infections of toe nails.

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