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In late 2015, Refaeli was accused of concealing millions of shekels of annual income, with Bar Refaeli having an estimated net worth of US $20 million in 2015. It was revealed she had recently bought a NIS 15 million apartment in Tel Aviv, as well as a NIS 2. 5 million apartment for her younger brother. On 16 December 2015, Israeli tax authorities in Tel Aviv detained Refaeli and her mother overnight for questioning related to potential tax evasion; she was accused of failing to pay income tax on two vehicles that she received as compensation for posing in pictures with the vehicles, and for evading taxes by disguising her Israeli residency by renting a luxury apartment in Tel Aviv through relatives. [68] On January 3, 2019 it was announced that Bar Refaeli is reportedly suspected of tax evasion and is facing a possible indictment along with her family. [69] On April 22, 2019, it was announced that Refaeli had lost her case and had to pay "tens of millions of shekels in unpaid income tax for the years 2009 and 2010". [70]

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