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Dee left the band to become a solo artist in September 1969, and released the single "My Woman's Man" which reached No. 42 in the UK and No. 58 in Australia. He issued six further solo singles through the end of 1971, all of which failed to chart, and played a Hells Angel in the Marty Feldman comedy film Every Home Should Have One in 1970. He then retired from performing and became an A&R Manager for Atlantic, Magnet and WEA Records, during which period he was at least partly responsible for their signing AC/DC, Boney M and Gary Numan. He also played himself (billed as 'Record Executive') in the 1980 Sex Pistols documentary film The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle. He eventually reunited with Dozy, Beaky, Micky and Tich for a 1974 single, and then later produced (but did not appear on) a 1979 single done by the DBMT quartet. He later began performing live gigs with the band, and continued to record occasionally both with DDDBMT and as a solo act. He issued his only solo album, Unfinished Business, in 1995.

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