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In Boys on the Side (1995), Barrymore played a pregnant girl who wants to escape from her abusive boyfriend. [44] The film went little-seen in theaters but was positively received by critics. [45] In the same year, she briefly appeared in Joel Schumacher's film Batman Forever, as Sugar, a moll to Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones). [46][47] In 1996, she made a brief but notable appearance in Wes Craven's slasher Scream. Barrymore read the film's script and was interested in being involved, approaching the production team herself to request a role. The producers were quick to take advantage of her unexpected interest, and signed her to play the lead role of Sidney Prescott, but when she was faced with unexpected commitments, she instead played the smaller role of Casey Becker and the lead role was given to Party of Five star Neve Campbell. [48]Scream was released to critical acclaim and made $173 million worldwide. [49][50] By the mid- and late 1990s, Barrymore re-established her image and continued to be a highly bankable star. [51]

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