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In July 2014, Bruce Campbell stated it was likely that the planned sequel would instead be a TV series with him as the star. On November 10, 2014, Starz announced that a ten-episode series titled Ash vs Evil Dead would premiere on their cable network in 2015. The series was renewed for an additional twenty episodes and starred Bruce Campbell as Ash and was executive produced by Campbell, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert. Ash vs Evil Dead lasted 3 seasons (they had planned for 5) and ended with Ash in the future driving off into the wasteland. A bit similar to the original ending to Army of Darkness, they were planning to continue the story with Ash in the future but that will no longer be happening. Bruce announced his retirement from playing the character of Ash near the end of the series. Fede Alvarez had hinted at maybe making a 2nd Evil Dead film, but kept getting new directing jobs The Girl in the Spider's Web, one currently in the works Dante's Inferno, and he's written the Don't Breathe sequel (for another director). Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi have both talked about a new Evil Dead film (not continuing off Fede's film, or the Ash storyline) it will have a new filmmaker Sam's chosen, it will take place in an urban setting, with new characters unleashing the evil. It is not a remake, but just another story in the world of Evil Dead. Though Sam Raimi and Fede Alvarez both have hinted a desire to continue their Evil Dead stories, this is unlikely as both Fede and Sam keep getting new directing jobs that take priority, and Bruce is still adamant he's finished playing Ash.

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