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In June, Lee confirmed that then-chief creative officer John Lasseter had expressly granted her and Buck the freedom to explore whatever they were "passionate about": "We don't know what it is yet . . . We're actually going to start from scratch. It'll be something completely brand new. " Years later, Lee and Buck revealed that they really had begun development of an entirely new film unrelated to Frozen. But during the fall of 2014, while working on the short film Frozen Fever, they realized how much they missed the characters. In the meantime, Del Vecho had been accepting speaking engagements around the world, where fans peppered him with questions left unanswered by the first film. In November 2014, Lee, Buck, and Del Vecho agreed they were not yet ready to leave behind the world of Arendelle, and began to discuss the possibility of a sequel. They soon arrived at the ending they would spend the next five years trying to "earn": Anna would become queen and Elsa would be free.

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