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macOS VST/AU - FL Studio can now be used as a VST or AU plugin on macOS hosts that support VST or AU plugins. Windows hosts can use VST. Browser - (Alt+Click) to preview samples to their end. Click the stop on the transport panel to end early. FILE settings - Option to change the maximum number of backup files. Playlist / Piano roll - Mute selection (Alt+M). Unmute selection (Alt+Shift+M). Plugin Manager - Check mark for favorite plugins is now a star. FL Studio performance monitor - VIEW > Plugin performance monitor. Useful to identify resource heavy plugins. Patcher - Option to show CPU usage of modules. Right-click workspace > View > Performance. Channels & Effects - Added 'Don't show this in the future' option when deleting Channels and Effects. Reset popup warnings - Option on the General Settings tab. MIDI Options - The MIDI device list will be updated when the computer wakes up after sleep mode. MIDI - Added 'Don't show this in future' for error messages when a MIDI device can't open. Plugins - Deleting plugins now asks for confirmation (since there is no undo). SoundFonts - DirectWave will open when a SoundFont file is dropped on the Channel Rack. Templates - Are now set under the General Settings tab.

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Only Fine Pictures