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If this is related to the Srivijaya Empire , it is likely that the name was given by the maritime kingdom, which is an indication that the island of Irian has also been under the control of its power.The eastern half of the island is the major land mass of the independent state of Papua New Guinea . The western half, referred to as either Western New Guinea or West Papua, has been incorporated by Indonesia since 1963 and comprises the provinces of Papua and West Papua .Digital transformation challenges today’s industries and markets and will do so even more in the forthcoming years. Many businesses are developing strategies… Wiki info

Another major habitat feature is the vast southern and northern lowlands. Stretching for hundreds of kilometres, these include lowland rainforests, extensive wetlands, savanna grasslands, and some of the largest expanses of mangrove forest in the world. The southern lowlands are the site of Lorentz National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The northern lowlands are drained principally by the Mamberamo River and its tributaries on the Indonesian side, and by the Sepik on the PNG side; the more extensive southern lowlands by a larger number of rivers, principally the Digul on the Indonesian side and the Fly on the PNG side. These are the island's major river systems, draining roughly northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast, respectively. Many have broad areas of meander and result in large areas of lakes and freshwater swamps. The largest island offshore, Dolak (Frederik Hendrik, Yos Sudarso), lies near the Digul estuary, separated by a strait so narrow it has been named a "creek".

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