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Kahlan Amnell is the Mother Confessor and the last living Confessor after Darken Rahl hunted all the others down. A woman of true grace and beauty, she has green eyes (blue in the television series), long brown hair (dark brown or black in the television series), and typically wears a flowing white dress when acting as the Mother Confessor. In the television series, she sometimes wears a green dress, and later a brown and black one, that she uses as traveling clothing. Indicative of her position as the Mother Confessor, her Confessor's power is the strongest among the Confessors. Unlike most Confessors, who typically need one to a few days to restore their power after it has been used, Kahlan recovers far more quickly, requiring only a couple of hours to do so. It is for this reason that she was chosen as the Mother Confessor at an unusually young age. Kahlan is the ongoing love interest and eventual wife of the Seeker, Richard Rahl. She has a kind and generous soul, remarkable for its resolution and devotion to her people, but only the brutal Mord-Sith have less pity for their enemies than does the Mother Confessor.

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