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On December 31, 2017, Paul uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel depicting the recently deceased corpse of a man who had died by hanging himself in Aokigahara at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan, known as the "suicide forest" due to its infamy as a suicide site. Initially intended to be part three of his "Tokyo Adventures" series, Paul and his group had planned to camp in the woods, but in response to finding the corpse, decided to notify the authorities and cancel their plans. The video gained 6. 3 million views within 24 hours of being uploaded. Logan was also criticized for other misbehavior he was captured taking part in during the trip, including climbing onto a moving forklift at the Tsukiji fish market, removing his clothing on a crowded street, then proceeding to 'fight' with one of the people he was travelling with, and throwing a giant Poké Ball at passing citizens, including an officer of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Paul's video depicting the corpse and his group's reactions to it was criticized by celebrities and politicians. In addition, Paul was accused by other members of the YouTube community of being insensitive to suicide victims. Several petitions were made to Change. org urging YouTube to delete Paul's channel, the largest of which received more than 500,000 signatures as of January 12, 2018.

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