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On 5 April 2009, Orange won an Arbitration Court case against Orascom Telecom, forcing Orascom to transfer its stake in Mobinil to Orange at a price of E£441,658 per Mobinil share. On 28 October 2009 Orange changed the name of its Luxembourgish telecommunication company VOXMobile to Orange. On 5 November 2009 Orange Armenia, 100% subsidiary of France Telecom, launched telecommunication services in Armenia. On 11 December 2009 Egypt's regulator approved an offer from a unit of France Telecom (Orange) to buy Mobinil. [41] In 2010 Orange changes CEO. Didier Lombard is replaced by Stéphane Richard. [42] The company is also reorganised internally, most notably with the arrival of former Culture Minister Christine Albanel as head of communications for the group. [43] In mid-April 2010 Orange UK announced that it would outsource the management of its broadband network to BT. This announcement was greeted positively by broadband commentators, who felt that the move was likely to improve Orange's broadband quality and customer services. [44]

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