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Jackson is from Memphis, Tennessee and had a difficult childhood. He began selling drugs from a young age and was involved in many street fights. Jackson also had a dysfunctional family, as his drug-addicted father disappeared when Jackson was only 10 years old, before returning to his life in 2003. Jackson had his first experience with combat sports as a wrestler for Raleigh-Egypt High School, enrolling at the school as a 17-year-old freshman, where his career included All-State honors in his senior year after finishing fifth in the state tournament at 189 pounds (86 kg). In high school Jackson also befriended fellow Bellator light heavyweight Jacob Noe, a karate practitioner who taught Jackson striking techniques, in exchange for wrestling techniques. Originally, Jackson intended to pursue a career in professional wrestling after graduating high school, but ultimately extended his amateur wrestling career at Lassen Community College in Susanville, California before being expelled after a fight with a teammate. After discovering mixed martial arts, Jackson trained in Las Vegas with BAMMA fighter Lewis Rumble.

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