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The campus architecture is a blend of traditional collegiate and modern styles. The Administration Building, constructed in 1848 with bricks made on-site, and six other buildings, Miller Hall, Trout Hall, Bittle Hall, Monterey House, West Hall, and the Old Salem Post Office are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. [53][54][55][56] Two of these buildings, the Administration Building and Monterey House, were built by the Deyerle brothers, Joseph and Benjamin Deyerle. The designers of some of the other historic buildings are unknown, but may have also included members of the Deyerle family. Fintel Library, Colket Student Center, and most residence halls have the traditional style of the older structures. Other newer buildings are more modern; these include Antrim Chapel, the science complex comprising Trexler Hall, Massengill Auditorium, and the Life Science Building, the fine arts building named F. W. Olin Hall, and C. Homer Bast Physical Education and Recreational Center. [50]

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