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Finck rejoined Nine Inch Nails as the band embarked on their Fragility v1. 0 and Fragility v2. 0 tours in support of the 1999 album The Fragile. These tours were recorded and released as the live album/DVD, And All That Could Have Been, which marked Finck's second release with them. He also played on a studio-recorded version of "The Day the World Went Away" on the companion album Still, which was included with the deluxe version of And All That Could Have Been and later made available as a standalone CD through nin. com. Shortly after the tour ended in 2000 he returned to Guns N' Roses, playing four shows with them in late 2001 followed by a brief tour of Europe and Asia in mid-2002 and a live appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards. A planned US tour was meant to continue through the remainder of 2002 but was called off by the promoter after two cancelled shows led to rioting by fans. Around this time Finck and then-bandmate Buckethead contributed to the soundtrack of the John Carpenter movie Ghosts of Mars, playing alongside members of thrash metal group Anthrax and guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. After his touring obligations with GNR were fulfilled he joined the LedZAriel production (a performance by acrobats set to the music of the band Led Zeppelin).

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