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Governor Murkowski offered other jobs to Palin and, in February 2003, she accepted an appointment to the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, which oversees Alaska's oil and gas fields for safety and efficiency. [66] While she had little background in the area, she said she wanted to learn more about the oil industry and was named chair of the commission and ethics supervisor. [66][68][69] By November 2003, she was filing nonpublic ethics complaints with the state attorney general and the governor against a fellow commission member, Randy Ruedrich, a former petroleum engineer and at the time the chair of the state Republican Party. [66] He was forced to resign in November 2003. [66] Palin resigned in January 2004 and put her protests against Ruedrich's "lack of ethics" into the public arena [66] by filing a public complaint against Ruedrich,[70] who was then fined $12,000. She joined with Democratic legislator Eric Croft[71] in complaining that Gregg Renkes, then the attorney general of Alaska,[72] had a financial conflict of interest in negotiating a coal exporting trade agreement. [73][74] Renkes also resigned his post. [69]

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