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The next season, St. Louis shortened their name to the Browns. Soon thereafter they became the dominant team in the AA, as manager Charlie Comiskey guided St. Louis to four pennants in a row from 1885 to 1888. Pitcher and outfielder Bob Caruthers led the league in ERA (2. 07) and wins (40) in 1885 and finished in the top six in both in each of the following two seasons. He also led the AA in OBP (. 448) and OPS (. 974) in 1886 and finished fourth in batting average in 1886 (. 334) and fifth in 1887 (. 357). Outfielder Tip O'Neill won the first batting triple crown in franchise history in 1887 and the only one in AA history. By winning the pennant, the Browns played the NL pennant winner in a predecessor of the World Series. The Browns twice met the Chicago White Stockings – the Chicago Cubs prototype – tying one in a heated dispute and winning the other, thus spurring the vigorous St. Louis-Chicago rivalry that ensues to this day. During the franchise's ten seasons in the AA, they compiled an all-time league-high of 780 wins and . 639 winning percentage. They lost just 432 contests while tying 21 others.

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