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The original creator and designer of the character Strawberry Shortcake was Barbi Sargent while she was a contracted Freelance artist for American Greetings. The Character first appeared on a Laurel Greeting card in 1973. holding a daisy. The character was called "Girl with a Daisy" at the time. In July 1977 Barbi Sargent received an assignment completed in early July 1977 and that she tendered to American Greetings on July. 7, 1977 four (4) "leader cards" depicting the "Strawberry Shortcake" character in full color. (Leader cards are used by AG for consumer test purposes. ) It was Rex Conner who requested Barbi to create 4 cards with a "berryish" outfit for the Mega Test Market. The first time the public saw Strawberry Shortcake in her new outfit with her pink cat was in that national test. There was a very positive response by the public once the leader cards were released. In May 1983 copyrights to Strawberry Shortcake were granted to Barbi Sargent from American Greetings Corporation. Later on Barbi returned the copyrights to American Greetings so that they could continue with the Strawberry Shortcake Characters success.

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