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For standard-duty applications in smaller and lighter vehicles with six-cylinder or small V8 engines starting with the 1964-1/2 273, the compact A904 (later 30RH) was introduced in 1960. This transmission used a 10. 75 in (27. 3 cm) torque converter. There was also a smaller version of this transmission used in the Dodge Colt/Plymouth Champ cars made by Mitsubishi in Japan. This smaller transmission used a 10 in (25 cm) torque converter. Note there are unique bellhousing bolt patterns for the Chrysler Slant-Six, small block V8 and AMC versions (both the six and V8s), including the obscure Chevrolet V8 bellhousing pattern when used with the Pontiac Iron Duke which was the base motor in some 1980-83 AMC and Jeep products (this bellhousing pattern is a rare find since transmission cores are usually sought after by drag racers building a Powerglide or TH200 derivative using THM2004R internals inclusive of a modified torque converter front face and/or torque converter adapter ring allowing the use of the TorqueFlite bolt pattern to a GM flexplate), and a GM 60 Degree V6 bolt pattern when used with the GM 2. 8L LR2 of this transmission.

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