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AK and Arjun arrive at Dubai to meet Mahadev's daughter Deeksha (Akshara Gowda). Arjun enters a bank in the guise of a service engineer, opening an account so that AK can transfer all of Mahadev's money into his account. Maya kills Ramya by pushing her off a building. Deeksha later finds out about their plan but is later threatened at gunpoint by AK. AK, Arjun, and Maya later arrive in Mumbai but come to know that Mahadev has kidnapped Anitha. AK tactfully kidnaps Deeksha and Durrani (Murali Sharma) in Kashmir. Mahadev arrives at Kashmir with Anitha. Here, Durrani and Deeksha get killed, while Anitha is saved. AK kidnaps Mahadev, ties him to various bombs, and questions his corrupt activities. Prakash, who arrives there, calls AK to defuse the bombs. AK advises Prakash to think from the point of view of a common man instead of a policeman to think whether it is right on his part to save a corrupt person. Prakash later changes his mind and asks the other policemen to leave him. Mahadev is killed in the blast. Arjun and Anitha get married, while AK transfers all of Mahadev's illegal money to Reserve Bank without revealing his appearance. Arjun and Anitha later get kidnapped in Jordan during their honeymoon trip, only to know that AK has brought them for another mission.

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